The Edwin James Book

   People like a good story, and the life of Edwin James is a good story.  To the general public, Edwin is an obscure figure of early American Western history.  To historians and scientists, he is actually fairly well known.  As a botanist, author, and physician, Edwin's contributions are significant.  But his story doesn't end there.  In the decades following the Long Expedition, Edwin would find himself embroiled in noble and ethical causes.  He was an outspoken advocate on behalf of the environment, the Indian, temperance, and ultimately as an abolitionist with his homestead in Burlington, Iowa as a station along the Underground Railroad.


    We all hope to be remembered and have our accomplishments carry forward to the next generation.  Edwin's life and history is worth remembering, especially in context of his intuition regarding American Westward Expansion.  A book endures the test of time.  The commemoration on the summit of Pikes Peak on July 14, 2020 is now past.  After the exhibit runs its course, the principal photography is completed, and everyone goes home, this book will be a lasting record of both Edwin James and the timeless wilderness that he explored.

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                           Book Description

              Title:  On Common Ground

    •  Hardcover
    •  9.5x9.5
    •  152 pages
    •  200, limited edition, signed copies
    •  Text by Mark James

    •  25 black & white photographs by Mark James

    •  Introduction by Bradford Janes, Forrester

    •  Botanical illustrations by Melissa Carmon

    •  Colophon